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Web Hosting
The point of platform which allows website owners to allow to publish and deliver their website content to the world through the internet powered and secured by web server. People throughout the global can access to the website hosted at a single location in the web server.

All the content and web files are stored and secured by the web server. Selecting a right web server to host is very important as website is accessible to the globe at any time without any intermediate interruptions aligned with security characteristics.
The following are the min. considerable features:

          • FTP accounts and connections
          • Backup file manager
          • Add-on and Subdomains
          • Applicable scripting and supporting software
          • PHP and Pearl modules
          • Database support and Administration
          • Email accounts
          • Email forwarding and routing
          • Secured Shell Access
          • SSL / TLS support
          • Two-Factor Authentication (optional)
          • Security and Password management
          • User management

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