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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the process of primary prioritization or improving the online visibility of the website or contents or web pages in a world web search engines, like google, yahoo or bing on organic search results page. SEO is an art as it is science, but at its core it is the discipline of making useful and user-friendly content easily readable and understandable by search engines.

In view of internet marketing strategy, SEO primarily prioritize or improve the search result rankings on organic searching platform. Optimizing a website requires editing its content, doing or altering HTML content, and necessary associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords of targeted audience
Advantages of SEO are:

        • Increases traffic to the websites
        • Top level ranking or visualization in search result pages
        • Feasibility of connections to the targeted audience
        • Increased market credibility
        • Enhanced scope of converting audience to customers
        • Increases sales and leads
        • More effective than paid advertising
        • Creates platform to form new connections
        • Improves speed of the website in search engines


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